Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 2017 Indiana Student Affairs Association Conference, hosted by Indiana State University. It has been my pleasure to be a member of this professional organization since I came to Indiana State in 2015.  ISAA provides its members with opportunities to communicate, connect, and grow as professionals in one Indiana’s many great institutions of higher learning.

For the 2017 ISAA conference, the theme is “Unpacking Issues in Student Affairs.” The ISAA Conference Committee has been working hard to prepare an exciting day of exploration, and learning for our conference guests.  In the current climate of Indiana, the United States and beyond, the role of Student Affairs in providing advocacy, and support for our students is as important as ever.  Across the board, Student Affairs professionals are at work ensuring that students grow from their educational experience in environments that are inclusive, and safe.  This year’s conference will explore a number of important topics as we attempt to “unpack” the issues that are most urgent to professionals in Student Affairs.

As you plan to attend this year’s conference, I hope you will consider becoming involved in the ISAA Conference with a program proposal, a poster presentation, a case study or workshop. ISAA is full of bright and talented professionals, and we should strive to learn from one another.  We hope you will come to ISAA brimming with excitement, and curiosity as we collaborate toward being the best Student Affairs professionals we can be.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the 2107 ISAA Conference, October 6, on the campus of Indiana State University in historic Terre Haute, IN. I look forward to having you here and I’m sending you my best wishes as you enter the 2017-18 academic year.


Dr. Willie Banks, Vice President Student Affairs, Indiana State University

Visit the ISAA website often follow us on twitter , join our Facebook group, and sign up for our email listserv for more announcements and information as we continue planning for the big day.