Student Affairs Professionals in Indiana

I am pleased to serve as the 2017 Indiana Student Affairs Association Conference Chair.   The committee has been working since January to provide you with an affordable, staff development opportunity that will meet the needs of you and your colleagues regardless of the make-up of your campus and its population.

Our conference theme, Unpacking Issues in Student Affairs, was chosen because all of ours students come to us with issues that need be examined and addressed. Every day our lives are faced with these issues and every day there are new challenges and concerns.

This conference will provide you with many opportunities to pick and choose the session that best suits your needs. Many of the sessions will be presented by our colleagues who have completed research or have experiences with these issues.   In fact, many of you should be submitting program proposals to share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues.  We are good at what we do and will become better by sharing what we know.

The Indiana Association of Blacks in Higher Education will be hosting their conference on campus on the same day.   The ISAA planning committee and the IABHE planning committee have been collaborating to bring you an amazing experience.  We will each have our conferences; however, we will be presenting our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, and our luncheon as one.   What a great opportunity you will have to work in partnership with a diverse group of colleagues from across Indiana for this special occasion.

Indiana State University is excited to host this conference. Our facilities and staff and anxiously awaiting your arrival.  Please register for this conference and we will see you on October 6, 2017 in Terre Haute!



Al Perone

2017 ISAA Conference Chair